Prime India LEDs owned business by Mr. Bhavin Timbadiya in India that has more than 13 years of combined experience in the signage industry and aims at setting global presence through a wide network of local and international distributors.

Prime India LED strives to be the answer for all your needs for outdoor and indoor LED signage with confidence in energy efficiency and quality. Ever since the foundation in 2010, we have been assisting businesses with our trustworthy products and related application solutions. We follow a strict quality inspection system to monitor the efficacy of a product and ensure that they are at par with industry standards.

We are grown business and we work the old fashioned way where our top priority is customer satisfaction. We believe in building relationship and work with our customers in ways that are suitable to both of us. We understand that the needs and expectations of our customers change and to accommodate this changing need we maintain high flexibility.


Prime India LED India proudly presents a selection of as- sorted signage modules that suits perfectly to your needs and fits any kind of price range. All Prime India LED modules are guaranteed not only of their outstanding quality, but also for their vivid and uniform lighting that will make your signs illuminate even brighter.


Prime India LED India’s LED Lighting selections, which include a wide variety like – backlighting, rigid bars. Strips and neon; can endure various weather conditions, which makes them ideal for outdoor lighting. Our LED Lighting selections are long-lasting.


Prime India LED India’s power supply line comes in multiple wattage for wider range of choices, and serves as a great partner to LED modules. Our power supply line is highly efficient and incorporated with safety protection features.